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Guide to control a PlayStation 4 from Google Home using an Android TV or old phone as a hub (no root needed)

This guide will walk you through to the steps to setup an Android device to be able to invoke ps4-waker through tasker in a rooted or non rooted device.

PS4-Walker is a NodeJS program developed by Daniel Leong that allows you to command your PS4 from another device.

It is probably easier to setup a Respberry Pi since it can run Linux natively (there are guides out there of how-to), but this guide will show you to work it out without a Raspberry, by giving a new use to an old spare Android device or with your current Android TV box, plus, how to setup programs to hook it up with your Google Home or Google Assistant (and probably to Alexa aswell).

It takes several steps so ill try to be as clear as possible how this can be done. At the end, youll be able to “Ok Google, turn ps4 on” or “Ok Google, start Youtube”.

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