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Use Autovoice to send commands from a Google home device to tasker

In this guide ill show you how to send commands from any Google Home device or assistant to tasker. This works from a Google Home device like the mini, from one phone to another, or with the assistant in the same phone.

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Send commands from Google Home to tasker using IFTTT

Part 1, Setting up IFTTT

In order to hook up Google Home assistant with Tasker, we need to be able to receive push notifications by using the IFTTT app to trigger Tasker profiles.

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Control termux remotely from a computer

This guide is intended to be included on other articles as an alternative to typing in all those commands on a termux terminal, since Android keyboards are not the most confortable and complete with all the symbols and characters required. Make sure that your Android device and your computer are both connected to the same router.

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SMS Money Widget (Policy)

SMS Money Widget checks the incoming SMS from your bank or credit card issuer in order update a widget in your home screen with your current expenses in a monthly basis. Please allow the app to read your SMS and add the widget to your home screen for this purpose.

SMS Money Widget will not post, share or trade your personal information, SMSs or balance status in any way. The only time the app will send information over the internet will be for crash reports in order to fix bugs. Crash reports contain no personal information.


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Step by Step guide to upload your LibGDX iOS project on Eclipse to the App Store.

Uploading projects to the app store can be a pain, specially if you’re new to it and you are using something other than xCode… Id like to share a step by step script I made, and also keep it handy for the next time i need it right here.

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