Phantom 4: Whats new?

Here is a comparison table about what is new with the Phantom 4 differs with its immediate predecesor, the Phantom 3 Pro. Its amazing new capabilities surely places it once again on the top of the list of must have gadgets.

Phantom 3 Pro Phantom 4
Battery capacity 4480 mAh 5350 mAh
Flight time Approx 23 min Approx 28 min
Propeller attach Self-tightening Push-and-release allows faster and secure in air breaking speeds.
Max horizontal speed 16 m/s (57.6 Km/h) 20m/s (72 Km/h)
Max vertical speed 5 m/s (ascend) / 3 m/s (descend) 6 m/s (ascend) / 4 m/s (descend)
Obstacle Avoidance Sensor none 0.7 to 15 m
Visual Positioning Sistem 3 m 10 m
Weight 1280 g 1380 g
Gimbal Exposed, composite materials. Inside shell, providing a better protection. Composite material is also improved.
Camera 60fps at 1920x1080p 120fps at 1920x1080p with 36% less lens distortion and 56% less chromatic aberration.
A.I. Uses aircraft’s and mobile device’s GPS to follow a target. Recognizes objects by using the camera and can follow them with no extra hardware needed.
Tapfly none Can automatically fly to anything you tap on the video display (mobile device) safelly by using the obstable avoidance feature.


Phantom 4’s flight capabilities are greatly improved in this new model, letting you reach safely places you never imagined before, even if you are not a RC hobbyst.



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